​​About US
​​​We are a family owned company

            My father, James S. Matthews Jr., founded Matthews Construction Co. in 1951. After returning from WWII as a fighter pilot, he wanted to build a home for his family. After searching for a local home builder, he discovered that the few that existed were all unable to accommodate his schedule. Having a capable background, he hired a carpenter and started building his house. While building his home, people from the community noticed the quality and careful detail he used in constructing his house. After completing his home, he started the company building custom-built homes for others in the area.

During the 70’s and 80’s, the company expanded into the commercial building market. We were a design-build general contractor for small commercial buildings. During this time, my father became ill with heart disease and I was needed in the office to help run the business. In 1987, my father agreed to sell the company to me and my wife, Wanda.

Having always loved the grading aspect of construction, we started to convert the company into a site work contractor. We began this with three pieces of heavy equipment and one time we had 75 plus.  We have now downsized to about 20 pieces of heavy equipment.  We are licensed to do work in both South Carolina and North Carolina.

We are a family owned company. We have 80 employees, which includes my mother, my wife, my two sons and my daughter-in-law. We perform the following work with our own employees and equipment: clearing and grubbing, rough grading, fine grading, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, domestic water, curb and gutter, sidewalks and lime stabilization. We also perform our own site staking and layout. We have state of the art laser technology as well as 3-D GPS technology for our Motorgrader and three of our CAT D6 Bulldozers. 

We subcontract all of our seeding and retaining walls and most of our clearing and grubbing and asphalt paving. We believe that a partnership goes further than the cheapest price; therefore we use the same subcontractors on all our jobs to ensure a consistent and quality product.  

We look forward to helping you in the future.

James S. (Jimmy) Matthews III